A day at the beach

Spending my holidays in Brisbane has turned out to be great fun for the dachshunds.
They have now been officially introduced to the beach and have become quite the little explorers…

Now we just need to work on those swimming skills but if they take after their (human) Mum, there’s not too much hope!


King Island sea walk



Clara enjoying the sea breeze…



One happy boy!



going explorin’…

For more information on the King Island walk, click here.   Just a litte note on the side – have a look at the tide chart, otherwise you may have to swim back!


Doggy health kick

Our dogs have recently discovered the benefit of having 24/7 access to a herb garden in “their” yard. Clara has developed a liking for basil and mint. Mac will do anything for parsley.

This is great news for us for a number of reasons:

1. Herbs fight bad doggy breath (much needed!)
2. They are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so provide a great doggy health kick
3. They are cheap treats for training.

What herbs are your dogs into?





For a full list of herbs that are good for your furry friends, click here.

Rainy days

It’s been bucketing down in Brisbane for the first time in a long time and someone’s not a happy dachshund…


Mum, can you make it stop please?



Am not liking the idea of getting my paws wet…. what about you Clara?



I’ll just curl up in here and wait till it’s over…


I wonder what they will get up to…maybe a little bit of weeing on the new rug, chewing on the couch cushions and some dirty paw prints on the white bed sheets?!?


Last weekend we attended our first Halloween party. Well, our dogs did anyway. Really just a normal Sunday outing….not!  Seeing 80 – 100 dachshunds all running around in fancy dress playing sausage games is a pretty crazy experience.

Although we didn’t win ‘best costume’, I’m still very proud of what we came up with.  There is always next year!


Mac the bull fighter



Clara in her “Dirndl”

PS: A big thank you to Sascha from Tessnmojo for creating such a wonderful costume for our little girl.



Photo by: Amy Henry


The double earflip

The definition of insanity is ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’ (A. Einstein). Based on this, I must be one completely insane dachshund owner…

Why? I constantly keep restoring Mac’s ears to its normal position in the hope that one day they will not flip over again!

Mac loves sporting the double earflip. It’s a constant battle and the very reason why we almost didn’t adopt this little man. I’ve always had a thing for “my dog has to have long floppy ears”. Mac didn’t quite meet the criteria judging by the photo that we had been sent (his ears were flipped back – again – so it looked like his ears were really short).

Long story short, we got him anyway and now love him and his trademark look.