Benefit of German Wife #1 – Euro English (part 1)

Even though my 10-year anniversary in Oz-Land is coming up shortly, my English is still not perfect and the native German inside me makes an unintentional comeback.

One of the main issues is the pronunciation of “V” and “W”. Mainly, because in German “V” and “W’ are often interchangeable and sound wery similar, eg.  Swedish car manufacturer Volvo is actually pronounced Wolvo.
(To cause further confusion, Volkswagen is actually pronounced Folkswagen.)

Aussie hubby loves teasing my about Euro English. Recently, we have had the following conversation:

Me: “Do you remember the 90s band that sung the song Mr Wayne?”

Aussie hubby: “No.”

Me: “They were really big in Germany. Do you really not know Mr Wayne?”

Aussie hubby just shakes his head and wanders off.

A minute later he reappears and goes: “OMG, do you mean Mr Vain??”

Me: “Yeah, that’s what I said. Mr Wayne!”

Same thing really, isn’t it?!?