Dachshund and friends

They have multiplied!


Who’s the odd one out?

No, we haven’t adopted again. We are simply minding Frank and Penny for the long Australia Day weekend, which has turned out to be an extremely wet and windy one.

Getting to know their personalities has been a great (yet challenging!) experience and again, we are amazed how much they are all alike: The girls adore Aussie hubby and the boys have become my little shadows.






Snooze & snoozy

Apart from the so-called “crazy dachshund hour” that regularly happens before bed time, Snooze & Snoozy (aka Clara & Mac) spent a lot of time doing very little accompanied by a constant desire to yawn. They are not dainty little yawns either – they are loud, repetitive and often right in our faces.

We have been taught in puppy school that dogs either yawn when they are stressed or tired. Judging by the pics below, I am pretty confident that the dachshunds’ stress levels have been kept under control…



Jump Clara, jump

Due to their long sausage bodies and short little legs dachshunds are prone to back injuries. It is advised to keep jumping to a minimum – despite the fact that they look adorable when they do jump!

While we are aware of the health risks associated with our furry friends, we do believe that the following things will help our sausages stay fit and healthy for a long time so they get to enjoy the occasional jump:

1. Regular exercise to build some muscles – a 20-30 min walk a day OR a dog park visit OR a ball game in the backyard (if only the ball got returned!)
2. Doggy ramps/stairs – We own these
3. High-quality dog food that is high in protein – ours get 1 cup per day
4. Marrow or brisket bones – These nourish your dogs’ joints, tendons and bone (1 per week)
5. A healthy attitude and belief system towards your dogs’ health – While it is important to be aware of and avoid any potential health risks/damage, I believe it is equally important to trust that they will be ok
6. Pet insurance in case something does go wrong.


Leap of faith