Squeakers must be removed!

10 minutes.  That’s how long an average dog toy lasts in our household.

Our little male dachshund Mac is obsessed with squeakers.  It feels like his inner voice is telling him “remove evil squeaker immediately” and he has become quite the expert.

Being a first time dog owner, I like to believe it is a sausage dog trait.  A little annoying as we keep buying new toys every week but the excitement in Mac’s eyes when a new toy makes its way into their territory makes up for it!

Proud Mac and his toys (all squeakerless)



Love it or hate it but “sour cabbage” is THE German super food.

Aussie hubby and I eat it with, of course, sausages (or steak).  It is so easy to prepare – simply heat up with a little water.

Make sure you buy genuinely fermented sauerkraut which is available in most health food stores. Unfortunately, the supermarket brands are often loaded with vinegar.

Three reasons for adding a little sauerkraut to your diet:

  1. It has a high vitamin content, especially vitamin C.  Sauerkraut helps to prevent vitamin deficiency.
  2. It is also a good source of lactobacillus – it has more than yoghurt!
  3. It is loaded with minerals, such as iron, calcium, zinc and magnesium.

Just a little note on the side, do not over-indulge if your tummy is not used to fermented food as Aussie hubby discovered during our last Germany trip…

Available in Australian health food stores

German lesson #1 – German sausage sayings

Try using these on your next holiday to Germany and people will think you are a local!

Here are my top 3 German sayings revolving around the ever-famous Wurst:

1.     Das ist mir Wurst! – That is sausage to me!

I couldn’t care less

2.     Ich brate dir keine Extrawurst – I won’t fry you an

additional sausage

I won’t make an exception for you

3.     Eine beleidigte Leberwurst spielen – to play an offended

liver sausage

To be a sulker