Frohe Ostern

Happy Easter holidays from Mac & Clara!

Stay safe and remember not to feed us any chocolates – even though we might trick you into believing that we are on the verge of starving. 🙂



The duster

Mac has a new obsession. First it was the squeaker, now it is…the duster!
What else would you do on a rainy day if you were a naughty and slightly bored dachshund?!!



I’m always amazed to see how the little (and inexpensive) things in life can occupy them for hours.
Now, this leaves me wondering who is going to be cleaning up the mess that has been dragged into various rooms of the house?

Mac the builder

Last weekend Aussie hubby and I did some bathroom renovations. Mac and Clara took a keen interest in supervising the site (read: snoozing on the materials and tools and generally being under our feet).


Got my tools, Dad.  What can I assist you with?


We figured it was a good time now for some cuddles?!


This whole renovating business is making me a little tired…


I’m on a break Mum. Really deserve this coffee after supervising Dad all day!