Love it or hate it but “sour cabbage” is THE German super food.

Aussie hubby and I eat it with, of course, sausages (or steak).  It is so easy to prepare – simply heat up with a little water.

Make sure you buy genuinely fermented sauerkraut which is available in most health food stores. Unfortunately, the supermarket brands are often loaded with vinegar.

Three reasons for adding a little sauerkraut to your diet:

  1. It has a high vitamin content, especially vitamin C.  Sauerkraut helps to prevent vitamin deficiency.
  2. It is also a good source of lactobacillus – it has more than yoghurt!
  3. It is loaded with minerals, such as iron, calcium, zinc and magnesium.

Just a little note on the side, do not over-indulge if your tummy is not used to fermented food as Aussie hubby discovered during our last Germany trip…

Available in Australian health food stores


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