Mac meets Rudolph

Rudolph has arrived early and was kind enough to stop by our place.

Our little watch dog couldn’t quite figure out what the intruder’s purpose for entering his domain was… While Mac’s hospitality leaves a lot to be desired, he certainly won’t mind the presents that Rudolph has dropped off for him and Clara (watch this space!).





Brisbane Dachshund Christmas

24 hours after our first official Brisbane Dachshund Christmas dash, Mac and Clara are still recovering.
No wonder – it was an afternoon of endless butt sniffing, barking at other breeds (how rude of them to turn up to our party!) and a never-ending supply of yummy treats.

The humans raised over $1000 for Dachshund Rescue Australia and we even made it into the newspaper!












A day at the beach

Spending my holidays in Brisbane has turned out to be great fun for the dachshunds.
They have now been officially introduced to the beach and have become quite the little explorers…

Now we just need to work on those swimming skills but if they take after their (human) Mum, there’s not too much hope!


King Island sea walk



Clara enjoying the sea breeze…



One happy boy!



going explorin’…

For more information on the King Island walk, click here.   Just a litte note on the side – have a look at the tide chart, otherwise you may have to swim back!

Doggy health kick

Our dogs have recently discovered the benefit of having 24/7 access to a herb garden in “their” yard. Clara has developed a liking for basil and mint. Mac will do anything for parsley.

This is great news for us for a number of reasons:

1. Herbs fight bad doggy breath (much needed!)
2. They are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so provide a great doggy health kick
3. They are cheap treats for training.

What herbs are your dogs into?





For a full list of herbs that are good for your furry friends, click here.


Germans adore the sun. Mainly because we don’t get any. We are also known to be very efficient at securing a sun lounge by putting a towel on it at some crazy hour in the morning… Yes, I admit to doing it – and blame it on my German genes!

Miss Clara takes after her (human) Mum. She loves the sun. On a sunny day Clara enjoys catching some rays and working on her tan.



Poor Mac tends to miss out. He should have used the good ol’ German towel trick!



While Aussie hubby was overseas (ok, not exactly but Tasmania does feel like a long way away), I decided to make use of my spare time and be a little creative.

Since moving into our house last year, I have gone a little nuts decorating our home to make it a homely and cosy place without being cluttered. I am big supporter of neutral backgrounds and a few splashes of colour – preferably blues and greens. I would describe my style as a mix of shabby chic with a touch of glamour.

I felt the bedroom looked a little sad and unfinished and hence decided to do my own picture wall – with assistance from the always-present dachshunds, of course…

I was inspired by this picture:


This is what you need
– Picture frames in different sizes from eg. IKEA
– Fabric in whatever colours/patterns you like from eg. Spotlight

The cost was around $100.

Cut the fabric to the size of the frame leaving a little extra fabric around the edges. Iron the fabric.

Stretch the fabric over the frame and secure tightly. Cut off any excess fabric.
Give excess fabric to dachshunds to chew on!

Admire your finished product and find a good spot to display them in all their glory.


Aussie hubby ‘approved’ of my project upon his return  and even wants to add a few more to fill in the gaps.

Oh, and the furry kids had a little fun too….

But we ARE helping! Really!