The double earflip

The definition of insanity is ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’ (A. Einstein). Based on this, I must be one completely insane dachshund owner…

Why? I constantly keep restoring Mac’s ears to its normal position in the hope that one day they will not flip over again!

Mac loves sporting the double earflip. It’s a constant battle and the very reason why we almost didn’t adopt this little man. I’ve always had a thing for “my dog has to have long floppy ears”. Mac didn’t quite meet the criteria judging by the photo that we had been sent (his ears were flipped back – again – so it looked like his ears were really short).

Long story short, we got him anyway and now love him and his trademark look.




One thought on “The double earflip

  1. The most important thing a dachshund owner should be able to do…return the dachshunds ears to the factory setting. lol

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