What we can learn from (sausage) dogs

I adore my two pups. Yes, they are pretty cute and hilarious creatures but they also make me look at life from a different angle.

What we can learn from (sausage) dogs:

1. Take a nanna nap more often – relaxation should be taken more seriously

2. Snuggle more – find yourself a great snuggle companion for those cold winter nights

3. Be opportunistic – whether it’s a human’s sock or a piece of vegetable that accidentally makes it down to the floor, make use of opportunities that present themselves

4. Recycle more – empty toilet rolls and milk containers make the best toys!

5. Eat more protein – rats and birds are good protein sources too…

6. Be excited to see your loved ones – even if they’ve just gone to the loo

7. Eat more herbs – they also make a comfy day bed in a sunny spot

8. Get excited about the idea of exercising – any walk has the potential to turn into an adventure

9. Smell the roses – and eat them!

10. Don’t get embarrassed – when you fall out of bed, just pretend nothing happened and crawl back in


Photography: Amy Ellmers