How to train your dachshund

Training a dachshund is a hot topic.
When we first started researching this breed prior to buying a puppy, every source of information stated how stubborn these little things are.

Do we agree? Absolutely!
Did it stop us from getting one (or two)? Not really.

Although Mac has passed canine college with five stars and Clara did pretty well at puppy school, there are still certain commands that just won’t sink in. A few weeks ago, the opportunity arose to participate in a dachshund training day.

We learned the following tips and will try putting them into practice:

  • Be a calm and confident leader
  • Make your dachshund feel relaxed and safe by yawning and raising your chin up
  • Build a daily routine to help your dachshund relax
  • Walk your dachshund more often – a tired dachshund is a well-behaved dachshund

Then, there was this:

  • Don’t stare at your dachshund all the time as this can cause stress

Argh. Massive fail. My dogs must be the biggest stress machines!

OK, I acknowledge that there might be a lesson in there for me along the lines of ‘don’t treat your dog like a human’.

Whilst I’m not ready to give this up just yet – if ever – I will keep you updated on my progress.



Hanging out with human Mum at Dachshund Training Day
Photographer: Gerty Photography


“Mum, we don’t need to listen to the trainer – we are such well-behaved doggies already…”
Photographer: Gerty Photography


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