Meet the sausage family…Clara

  • Age – 1
  • Place of birth – Ipswich, Queensland
  • Citizenship – Australian – German
  • Education – Class of 2011 puppy school
  • Skillset – Dachshund side-sitting
  • Interests – Looking adorable, snoozing, tanning, being a leader/bully, throwing cushions off couch, burying in blanket so that only nose sticks out, wrapping around humans’ neck (=dachshund scarfing), gardening (loves bromeliads), herb tasting (preferably basil and mint), constructing doona tunnels, running off when harness comes on, humping Mac
  • Favourite toy – Mr Echidna (RIP)
  • Friends – Gordy, Coco
  • Favourite human – Likes all humans but is Daddy’s little girl

Blanket Clara 2011


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