Paw obsessed!

Aussie hubby believes I have OCD (I don’t disagree with this but like to believe a mild form of OCD is actually not a bad thing).
Owning two dogs has certainly helped me get a little more relaxed about things. The once white rug is now a dirty grey, cushion covers, couches and even a pair of glasses (!) have been mistaken for a meal and not to mention the uncountable amounts of accidents that I have cleaned up.
But…I still have an obsession. I’m obsessed with my dogs’ paws!
Why?! I’m just drawn to the funny ‘popcorn smell’ (also referred to as ‘corn chip smell’) and the fact that Mac’s paws are way out of proportion for his little body which adds to his level of quirkyness.

What are you obsessed with?


The wet nose myth

When I was little, I was taught that a wet dog nose means the dog is healthy.
Being the owner of two dachshunds and observing their appearances and habits on a daily basis, I have noticed that their noses are not always wet. This resulted in me doing some further research on this subject.

It turns out that it is perfectly normal for your dog to have a wet and cool nose one moment and a drier nose the next. Phew!
Changes in texture (crusty, flaky) and colour (loss of pigmentation) of your dog’s nose should however be examined by a professional.



Meet Mac’s Spanish buddy Chicho, a dachshund cross from Argentina that we have been minding on behalf of our friends at Paw by Paw.

Chicho is a mischievous little fellow who is full of energy and loves teasing Mac and Clara by grabbing their toys and running off with them.  His owners have brought him to Australia all the way from Argentina.  Communicating with the little Spanish man has been a little difficult.  Why?  He only listens to Spanish commands!

image image image


Tonight could be the night where Aussie hubby and I finally get the ‘human bed’ back to being dog-free.
Whilst I don’t mind having a furry ‘hot water bottle’ (or two) with us during winter, it is a different story in summer. Living in a subtropical climate comes with hot, humid summer nights.

The solution? A soft crate off ebay that cost us around $AUD 44.
We must admit that our expectations are rather high. According to Cesar Millan, dogs are den animals by nature, and look for spaces in their home or yard that mimic a den. Dog crates make excellent dens and provide that safe, secure environment that dogs crave.

Well, so far the crate has been accepted. Now we just need to work on the sharing part!